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The CRM - Automation King

Welcome to Automation King's course, led by James Buchanan and Kyle Zanetto, designed to revolutionise your lead nurturing process and boost conversions. Learn how to manage enquiries efficiently, turning potential customers into loyal fans while saving time and cutting costs.

About This Course

The Automation King

Welcome to "The Automation King” Mastering Customer Relationship Management for Construction Businesses. This course will give you the platform to provide better customer experience whilst tracking the data of every customer you acquire.

What You'll Learn

  • What a CRM is 

  • How a CRM can provide value to your business. 

  • How automation can save you money

  • How to track the metrics of your business in a customer sense

  • Exploring the opportunities provided through systemization and automation 

  • What a pipeline is, and how it can be used to manage pre-construction, during construction, and post construction customer process.


Meet James Buchanan

Co-Creator of Future Builder Co / Owner of Automation King

As the innovative founder and owner of Automation King, James Buchanan is dedicated to transforming the way businesses handle their lead nurturing processes and optimize conversions. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by business owners in scaling their operations, James has crafted a comprehensive, automated solution that ensures every enquiry is contacted, engaged with, and ultimately converted into a customer. James recognized early on that one of the biggest hurdles for growing businesses is managing the influx of enquiries in a consistent and predictable manner. Traditional methods often lead to potential customers falling through the cracks, unreturned enquiries, and lost revenue despite significant investments in SEO, agencies, Google Ads, and other growth strategies. With this in mind, James developed an end-to-end automated system that creates a full customer lifecycle. From the moment an enquiry is made, the system works tirelessly to nurture and convert that customer into a sale. Under James' leadership, Automation King has enabled businesses to allow customers to self-schedule calls, consultations, webinars, or have their sales teams connect with leads within two minutes of submitting their details. This immediate response capability addresses a critical gap, as most businesses fail to connect with leads until after 48 hours, and shockingly, 30% of businesses never follow up on enquiries. James' approach dramatically increases the efficiency of sales cycles, turning prospects into loyal fans. His system ensures that every lead is communicated with through a variety of formats—SMS, voicemail, phone, video, and email—maximizing the chances of conversion, whether today or tomorrow. James Buchanan's vision and expertise have made Automation King a game-changer in the industry, empowering businesses to reclaim valuable time, reduce costs, and enhance their conversion rates. Through his innovative solutions, James continues to help businesses transform their lead nurturing processes and achieve unprecedented growth.


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