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Transform your home into a fortress against the elements with our "Weather Tight Walls" course. This comprehensive program focuses on utilising advanced web solutions from Pro Clima to achieve superior water tightness and energy efficiency. Designed for professional builders, this course will guide you through the principles and practical applications of creating weather-resistant walls.

About This Course

Weather Tight Walls

Join "Weather Tight Walls," an in-depth course led by Pro Clima expert Air Boss Dan, and master the art of making your home weather-resistant. This course covers essential techniques and knowledge to ensure your walls and windows are protected from the elements, enhancing both durability and energy efficiency.

What You'll Learn

  • The Importance of Weather Tight Walls: Understand why weather tightness is crucial for protecting your home from moisture, drafts, and energy loss.

  • How to correctly prepare the frame and install the WRB.

  • Window Installations: Learn the best practices for installing windows to ensure they are completely weather tight.

  • Batten Installation: Discover the correct techniques for batten installation to achieve uniform and effective weather sealing.

  • Protecting Penetrations: Gain insights on how to protect wall penetrations, such as vents and pipes, from water and air leaks.


Air boss Dan

​Expert of Future Builder Co / Pro Clima

AirBoss Dan, also known as Daniel Jakobs, serves as Australia's premier technical installation expert for Pro Clima Australia, the foremost authority on building envelopes. With a focus on weather-resistant and airtight systems, Pro Clima Australia ensures the creation of healthy, durable, and energy-efficient buildings. Whether your goal is to enhance safety and comfort or to achieve reduced energy costs, their expertise is unmatched. In New Zealand, Pro Clima specializes in weathertightness, empowering buildings to withstand natural weather exposure effectively. Their commitment to airtightness is paramount, ensuring optimal insulation performance. Pro Clima also offers a range of high-quality accessories to complement their airtightness and weathertightness systems, ensuring durability and future-proofing for years to come. Additionally, Pro Clima provides verification services to ensure that airtightness and weathertightness systems are installed correctly, minimizing risk and maximizing the performance of your building envelope. With Pro Clima, you can trust that your building is in expert hands, designed and built to withstand the elements while prioritizing comfort, efficiency, and longevity.


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Course Lessons

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